10 Tips for the Best Article Writing Topics

Your website needs new juice regularly to keep your readers coming back. However, the hardest part of content generation is finding original article writing topics regularly. Sometimes ideas pop up in your mind, and you can create several articles to publish. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There will be times when you will hit a wall, and those random ideas that used to come naturally will not be there. Without fresh ideas, you cannot create new content or find a unique angle to entice your audience to share your article. Writers’ block is quite common and should not be a cause of alarm.

But how do you deal with it? Well, most writers will keep recycling old posts to retain their audience. However, this can go sideways real quick. I doubt anyone would want to read the same thing several times. Nevertheless, you can turn the tide in your favour if you analyse your site and formulate a strategy. Look for something that will spark an idea and inspire you to write. Here are ten quick hacks that will help you come up with the best article writing topics.


A brainstorming session with your writing team will give birth to new ideas. Brainstorming opens up your creativity, and you will be surprised at the number of ideas you can generate. Just record all thoughts and find a way to build on them or find a new angle for the topic. The ideas can range from current events in your industry or a new area of study that you would like to explore.

Reading news articles and trending topics online is also a great place to get ideas. When brainstorming, your main goal is to get many ideas, you can then polish the concepts later to suit your audience. Besides, if you get a better idea the next day, you can save up the other ideas for the next time you need.

Visit Q&A sites for article writing topics

People visit Q&A sites to find solutions to their problems. These sites are a gold mine when you are looking for article writing topics. You can answer the question on the site and provide a more in-depth study of the item on your blog. That way, you will have killed two birds with one stone. You generate additional traffic and get loads of content ideas.

With many Q&A sites, popping up, you will never run out of ideas. You do not have to visit Quora and Yahoo answers if you have a loyal following. Your visitors can make suggestions on what they would like to know more about. You can send a request via e-mail or ask them to leave suggestions in the comments sections.

Personal experiences

Everyone has personal experiences that can provide invaluable lessons. You can share your personal and professional skills by telling the story of what happened and point out life lessons from the story. Sharing your experiences saves you a lot of research time. You just dive into the scene and explain to the readers the lessons.

Telling your story has numerous benefits. It makes your content engaging and sharable. Therefore, you can increase your readership when the audience shares the article. If you have exhausted your stories, tell another person’s account. Even professional experiences can benefit your audience. You can share about a conference you attended and share key takeaways. Digging into your profession offers insight on various topics you have not discussed in your site.

How-to guides offer an unlimited supply of article writing topics

Irrespective of the product or services you are offering, you must write a few how-to guides to illustrate a concept. This format of writing provides a broad list of topics to choose from. Even if your competitors have written a similar guide, you can give a different perspective or give a more straightforward guide.

How-to guides are popular among the audience because it provides a walk-through on how to solve a specific pain point. Therefore, when you decide to write an in-depth guide, ensure you explain the facts using examples. To get a fresh perspective, research broadly including offline resources. You will be surprised to find useful information in books and research journals. Apart from being inexhaustible, systematic guides improve your ranking and build the authority of your site.


Interviewing experts provide numerous exciting articles to share with your audience. Therefore, you should invite an expert in your industry and conduct a discussion focusing on a particular theme. After the interview, share their responses in a series of blog posts. Besides, talking to experts can also spark exciting ideas for your articles.

The best part about interviewing experts is that you will not spend an extra dime. Most will offer a free interview, especially if your website has a good number of followers. Besides, many experts are tired of reading the wrong information online and are eager to provide useful information to people. Some want to build their reputation online so you can help each other out. You can find many willing experts online in industry forums. Shoot them an email and set up a video interview or you can send questions and wait for their answers.

Stay tuned to social media

Majority of your audience spends a significant amount of time on social media. Therefore, don’t focus on news articles only. Sometimes social media post can give you content topics. When someone doesn’t have time to search something on Google, they ask their friends. Some seek public opinion on social media pages after finding a solution. And guess what? People speak their minds on social media, no holding back.

Reading the comment sections gives you tons of ideas and insight into what the audience love to read. Ask yourself what is fuelling the controversy and the primary issue arising from the post. Is it a new trend? And what are peoples attitude towards the trend? From there you can get ideas on the latest trend and write an article from your point of view.

Research your competitors for article writing topics

Every business has a list of its immediate competition. It is time to round up that list and spy on them. What items are they focusing on? And why are they writing about that particular topic? Is it a new trend? Reading their recent posts will help you come up with fantastic ideas. Of course, you won’t copy their blog posts, but you can analyse and find a creative angle. You can expand on the concept or narrow it down to suit your niche. Sometimes you can find useful insights from the quacks in your industry. If someone is determined to provide false information within your niche, test the ideas before rendering them useless. You can conduct further research to discredit them or sharpen your debating skills. Spending time understanding that wrong approach can give you a new perspective on important information.

Hire professional article writing services

After thinking and searching online without finding an interesting topic to write about, get fresh eyes on it.  Sometimes all you need is a different person to point out ideas you can build on. Finding exceptional writers to help you in brainstorming is less overwhelming if you hire the best article writing services. Content creation agencies produce the best content because they have access to a large pool of contributors. A variety of writers will ensure you have fresh content always. You can ask them to brainstorm content ideas or suggest topics that need to be expounded. They can also share their personal experiences that are relatable to your niche.

Checkout trends in your industry

While we get a lot of information from social media, they do not always relate to our industry. You can use it to get familiar with your audience voice and know what they enjoy discussing. However, for your site to remain relevant, you need to stay on top of industry trends. You can get news from various industry in the popular news channels or other feeds that give you regular updates. Staying informed on the trends in your industry gives you topics to discuss in your blog. You can write a review on the trending product or service or provide your opinion. If you have some facts to back up an upcoming trend, you can share it with the audience.


The inspiration to write comes from reading other peoples’ work. Therefore, read many articles and publications in your niche. Even research books contain tons of knowledge. The more you read, the more ideas you will get. You should always carry a notebook around to write down those random ideas that come to your mind.

There are several ways to get new ideas, and there will always be something new in your niche that you can share with your readers. You just need to identify a topic and chew on it until you get a unique angle.

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