7 Tips for Choosing the Best Article Writing Services

The most effective way of powering up your content marketing strategy is through hiring article writing services for a strong and authoritative voice. While you can write some of the articles for your website, you may not communicate effectively like a professional writer. Generating leads and establishing an online presence takes time. However, it is easier to draw attention to your site if you post high-quality content and provide useful information. An article writing service provider will help you stand out from the crowd and connect with your audience.

Deciding to use content writing service providers in content creation comes with the daunting task of choosing the best service providers. With many companies offering various writing services, picking the right one for your needs is frustrating. The most important aspects to consider are the types of content you require for your marketing and your budget. Here are the top seven tips that will help you choose the best article writing service provider.


For successful content marketing campaign, you need to target your audience and use the correct keywords to get traffic. Creating content is not as simple as it seems. Apart from keyword research, there are SEO practices to adhere to for your content to rank high in search engines. You may be able to write an interesting article or offer useful information to your audience. However, if you cannot optimise it for SEO, it will not attract visitors to your site.

Apart from content optimisation, experienced article writers in the US, bring useful insights on how to attract your audience. Therefore, when choosing a content writing company, check out the amount of experience they have in your niche. While most companies have writers from various niches, some offer writing services for a specific niche. The best way to determine their level of experience is by looking at their portfolio, and the amount of time they have been in business.

You can also evaluate the writers working with the company. Do they have the right credentials? Or any form of certification? How is their grammar? If they do it means, they are experts in the field and will do an excellent job for your website.

Timeliness and Customer Services

It is annoying to deal with an agency, which takes too long to respond. Imagine if you need fresh content urgently or updates to the existing content in your blog and web pages. How will you manage if the writing company will not deliver on time? While you should give a reasonable amount of time for completion of the task, the writing company should adhere to the set deadlines. Therefore, if the company is not responsive from the beginning, that is a clear sign that it is not the right fit for your needs. You do not want to deal with a situation where you are expecting the work to be complete only to be given excuses. You need a company that is productive and meets your goals. You also need a company with excellent customer support to offer assistance around the clock. This is vital in situations where you need urgent services like an update to your web content or a revision. Customer services also come in handy when you have questions or need to adjust the instructions.

Negotiate Price but Don’t Compromise on Quality

Article writing services do not come cheaply. While you can find freelance writers who charge low rates, the quality of their content is low. When shopping around for a content writing service provider, it is critical to find out their pricing system. You can compare rates from different companies and check the quality of the content. If you can find a budget-friendly company, which produces high-quality, content good for you! However, you should be aware that price usually depends on the writers. Expert article writers in the UK, who can write top-notch content, are quite costly. But their expertise will grow your online business within a short period. Pricing also fluctuates depending on the niche and the urgency of the work. Therefore, do research and find out the charges for web content and blog posts in your niche. Sometimes you also need the content writing company to do social media posts and write emails. If you are using the agency regularly for various content, it may be a good idea to negotiate a favourable price for all the work you need them to complete.

Types of Writing Services

Content writing service providers often offer a comprehensive list of services focused on building your brand and increasing revenue. Therefore, when looking for a writing agency, you must find out the services they offer. Most writing companies provide the following services:

  • Blogging- the writers can create articles for your blog and post them regularly. Blogging helps you provide value to your audience by sharing useful insights about your products. You need high-quality content for your blog to build an online following.
  • Copywriting- it involves crafting sales copies for your adverts and marketing campaigns. Copywriting aims at generating leads and increasing sales. Copywriters can also write personalised emails for your mail list.
  • Web content- Your web pages need unique and attention-grabbing content to attract visitors. Web content writers can create enticing web copies and make your website noticeable online.
  • General article writing- they are mostly ghostwriters who can write any content for your website. Ghostwriters have a knack for finding a unique angle and excellent storytelling abilities to engage your audience.
  • Copyediting- it involves fact-checking and cleaning up content. Copyeditors ensure the article has impeccable grammar and a good flow. 
  • Content marketing- most content writing companies offer marketing services. They help you come up with a marketing strategy and create content for the marketing campaign.

Therefore, when choosing a content writing company, you should match the services with your business goals. If they do not offer a service, you need they aren’t a good fit.

Level of Quality

Quality levels differ depending on the expertise of the writers. However, if you set the right parameters to measure quality, you will get what you need. It is not just about grammar and originality. The content has to be optimised to evoke emotions and create interest. Therefore, before looking for a writing agency, have specific goals in mind, for instance, do you want to rank highly in search engines? Or are you looking to increase conversions? The goals help you identify the perfect company to work with. So how do you find the best article writing service providers? Check out the content on the company’s website. Did they utilise the LIFT model for conversions? While the model is for landing pages, it has proven to be effective in creating compelling content. A company’s website gives you insights into the abilities of the company. If they cannot manage to market themselves well, chances are they won’t do an excellent job for your site. A great article writing company will deliver on your audience expectations, address the problem clearly, and encourage them to take action.

Open Communication

An open channel of communication is a clear indicator of the company’s commitment to offering the best services. Creating high-quality content requires a deep understanding of your business and your audience. Therefore, before they begin working, they will need a lot of information from your website statistics and your brand. You can communicate through phone calls or emails or fill out questionnaires that give insights on your business. You also need to provide guidelines on the type of content you require. Sometimes you need to discuss topic ideas and the keyword targeting. While the content writers will do all the heavy work, they will request your input occasionally. Maintaining constant communication is hard with everyone being busy. Therefore, if a writing company is insisting on setting up a mode of communication, it a clear indicator of their dedication to the success of the project.

Find Article Writing Services Company That Match Your Style

Every business has a unique writing style and voice. Therefore, it is vital to find a writing agency that can bring out the business personality and enhance the brand image. Capturing your style takes time, passion, and creativity, which are the top qualities you need to look for in a content writing company. The writing company should also have the ability to create engaging content that keeps the audience interested. As a business owner, it can be challenging to find new ideas to entertain your audience regularly. However, an excellent writer can think outside the box and offer a fresh perspective to your articles. Their digital knowledge and expertise in storytelling come handy. One of the significant reasons people outsource content is due to the digital marketing benefits they can get. But the real task lies with choosing the right content writing company for your needs. However, if you seek recommendations and reviews, you will find an agency that will help your business grow.

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