The Changing Interface of Content Marketing Service

Content marketing service is becoming a bigger and better industry, serving both social and corporate clientele. The space for SEO article writing services has grown over the years with technology often dictating presentations. Different clients have different tastes in SEO content with different target audience in mind. The focus for content has grown from the length, infographics to depth. This is a cross cutting growth with quality and experience influencing the commercialisation of content development and marketing.


Length of Content


This is the number or words or pages an article has. This criterion was premised on the concentration level and the time a person can spare to go through an article. Owing to the need for a bigger readership audience, content marketing mostly focused on shorter articles; between 300 to 600 words. Such content were direct to the point, caught the attention of the reader and helped in faster comprehension. Writing sites and content developers adopted this concept to mould information-on-the-go.




Along the way, technology and sophistication prompted freelance writing websites adopted a visual approach in sending messages across. This made customer engagement and blog content more of colour and illustrations. At first, more generic illustrations and pictures were used, but as time went by personalised and specific visuals were used. The advantage of infographics is information comprehension, analytics and colour through graphs. Commonly used models are graphs, pictures, tables and charts. This information dissemination is popular amongst young people as it contributes significantly to consumption of technical information that would be otherwise dull if written in prose.


Article Writing Services: Content Depth


Information reach has diversified during this age of internet, and it is a normal thing nowadays to find the same content on multiple writing sites. What can distinguish such sites is the depth and articulation of the articles. Service providers either hire quality writers, invest in research or offer custom writing services; specialization. Quality writers have the experience to mine data, decode it and present it as a way to validate their conclusion. Investing in research is mostly associated with technical disciplines or industry focused content developers who specialize in a given field. These articles have a word length of upto 3000.


Alongside such factors, content development has turned into a profession for many people. Online money earning sites offer paid blogging where most content developers work online from home and get paid. The more a person writes, the more experienced they become and the more they make money writing. Most of the web content consumed online nowadays is the work of a freelance blogger. These people are either specialists due to their academic background, hands-on experience or an avid researcher. Besides the data, knowledge, spelling, and grammar are also key in content development and marketing. There are applications designed to improve our reading and writing. In all this, technology has played a greater role improving content marketing.

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