3 Best Contentwriters.com Alternatives for Article Writing Services

With many people browsing daily, it is convenient for business to market their products and services online. However, people no longer rely on adverts to make purchase decisions. The website owners have to provide value by offering useful information to their audience. Research indicates that websites with blogs have more leads compared to sites without a blog. Therefore, with great web design, the next step in increasing conversions is publishing articles. Business owners may not have time to create content and at the same time, run a business. Therefore, they may hire an in-house team or outsource to a content creation agency.

In recent years, businesses have increased their content marketing budget. The rise in demand has led to an increase in article writing service providers. Among the content creation agencies is contentwriters.com, which has been in the industry for quite some time. Let us look at what they offer and whether they are a great fit for your business.

Contentwriters.com specialises in industry-specific content. Therefore, you can order content from any niche, and your job will be matched with a writer who is an expert in your industry. Getting your articles is as simple as ordering coffee. After filling out an online order form, contentwriter.com forwards the job to a writer. You will get your content within five days, but if you need it sooner, you can inform support. Every client needs an account to place an order, and there is an option to upgrade for better services. If you subscribe, you are entitled to some privilege; for instance, you have an extended review period before approval of an order. They offer a wide range of writing services, including:

  • Ecommerce content like product descriptions, web copies, and landing pages, which are SEO optimised.
  • Blog writing and article writing services
  • White papers and content for your social media campaigns and emails
  • Editing and proofreading services
  • Press release

They have a unique pricing system, which depends on the complexity of the content and urgency. If you need an article within three days, you will cough up extra money. However, with the high-quality content they provide, it is an excellent investment. You can also request for revision if the article does not meet your standards and expectations. But the alteration must be within the scope of the content you requested. I doubt you will be utilising their revision services with the existence of an in-house editorial team. They proofread every order before submitting to the client.

Contentwriters.com services go beyond the approval of an article. They go the extra mile by monitoring the performance of the content. They build a relationship with their clients by providing unique content and helping them grows. When looking for personalised services, contentwriters.com should come to mind, but there are many content providers with something different to help you achieve your content marketing goals.

1.   GiantArticles

At GiantArticles, we focus on fostering great relationships with our clients. We produce the best content to help them achieve their business goals. We understand the value of storytelling in drawing an audience and engaging them. Our writers are experts in various industries, and they will help you establish an online presence. Our team of writers understand the importance of having a brand authority and building trust and credibility. They will emulate your business tone and create a great impression with your audience. We have a strict policy on adherence to deadlines. Therefore, you will get your content on time. We also utilise the best plagiarism tools to ensure you get original content.

Whether you need short articles like web copies, sales copies, or product descriptions, our experts will surpass your expectations. With the rising trend of long-form content, we can help you craft lengthy articles. We carry out in-depth research and provide the readers with useful information. SEO is our top priority when creating content. Therefore, we conduct keyword research and optimise your content for search engines. Apart from keywords, we also use images, links, and high-quality content to improve ranking.

We have a large pool of writers with different specialities. If you need technical writing services, we have experts for that. We also have great copywriters, bloggers, and ghostwriters. They can write on any niche you want. We will match you with the right writer for your needs. How do we ensure quality? Our benchmark of quality is originality and audience engagement. We have plagiarism tools to ensure your content is 100% unique. Besides, freelancers undergo a vetting process before joining the team. We conduct an interview and review their writing style. They can only work on your order if they meet our high standards.

Our pricing system is competitive, but we assure you of high-quality services. We price our articles depending on the volume of work. Therefore, you pay more for longer pieces and get your content after three days. Not satisfied with the content? Do not worry; you can request revisions until the article meets your expectations.

GiantArticles is an excellent fit for a company looking to improve traffic and conversions.

2.   TextBroker

TextBroker is a superb content creation agency for businesses. They offer plenty of writing services, including blog writing, web content, white papers, email copies, press releases, newsletters, and product descriptions. They provide scalable content to power up your marketing campaign. Their freelance writers are dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals. They save time and add value to your business by improving the visibility of your website.

The platform has a self-service system and managed service for ordering content. In the self-service option, the client handpicks the writers they would like to work with. If a client does not have favourite writers, they can pick based on the ratings from other clients. With a handful of writers working on your project, you can maintain your company’s voice. The client also has to prepare a brief with instructions for the writers to follow. They can include the keywords they are targeting and the density they require.

In the managed service, TextBroker takes charge of your content and will select the writers to do the job. If you need the content regularly, the system orders articles on your behalf from time to time. Managed services are suitable for businesses with busy schedules. However, they should spare some time to review the work submitted.

TextBroker offers affordable prices for content. Some of the factors that affect the costs are the ratings of a writer and the number of words. Therefore, you will pay about €1.3 for lowest-rated writer and over €65 for 1000 words done by the top-rated writer. TextBroker maintains good quality content and ensures your content is SEO friendly. The writers are experts in capturing the attention of the audience and persuading them to take action. The editing team goes through all the content before forwarding it to the client. However, the client has unlimited revision requests. With low rates, there are quality concerns. However, it is nothing you cannot fix with quick editing.

3.   Iwriter

With access to thousands of freelancers from around the globe, Iwriter provides many content writing services. They have a diverse pool of competencies and can deliver content for any niche. They have different levels of writers based on expertise. Therefore, if you want your content written by the highest rated writers, you need to get an elite plus account. Grouping writers is a great idea. The clients will only have themselves to blame if the content does not meet their standards. Clients can also favourite writers and retain them for regular orders. Having the same writers create your content ensures you maintain the writing style and voice. It also saves you editing time since they are familiar with your expectations. Therefore, the review time will be short.

Writers at the standard level are mostly new in the industry and may not understand how online marketing works. Although they may craft great pieces, the content may not be SEO-friendly. Therefore, if your goal is to generate leads and improve your ranking on search engines, the standard level writers cannot help you. However, you can get SEO optimised content from expert writers in Elite levels. They are experienced in SEO and understand the importance of high-quality content. Elite writers are usually vetted to ensure they meet the quality standards.

Iwriter offers content at affordable rates. For just three dollars, you can get a 500-word article on the standard level. Of course, the rate increases as you move to the top levels. With the amount of cash you are paying for the article, you do not expect high-quality content. Therefore, consider optimising the content before publishing. However, if you need many articles and do not mind editing, you can save a lot of money on content creation.

Working with Iwriter can be frustrating since you have to send multiple revisions. However, with the amount you are paying, you would not expect pure gold. The price always dictates the quality you will get. So if you want top-notch content for your digital marketing, be ready to pay more.

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