How to Earn Money Working With TextBroker

TextBroker has been a goldmine for many freelance writers. It connects writers with companies in need of content. The platform allows writers to apply, and once they are accepted, they can pick articles from the open order board. TextBroker is a great site that has earned an excellent reputation among writers and clients. Many companies love it for their reasonable pricing and high-quality content. The writers take advantage of the timely payments and tons of jobs available.

Apart from the open orders, writers can also work on special assignments. Clients can contact individual writers and send them jobs based on the performance of previous articles. Writers can benefit from repeat clients since they reserve the right to set their price. TextBroker is an excellent platform for people working from home. It keeps you busy, and the pay does not disappoint. Here is a full TextBroker review with insights on how to boost your earnings on the platform.

How to Get Started with TextBroker

Before you begin writing, you need to sign up on their website as an author. The signup process is straightforward. You need to provide your personal information, including phone number, address, and a PayPal email. Filling out a tax form during sign up will save you a lot of headaches and unnecessary delays. Therefore, it is best to get it over with before you start working on the articles.

You also need to submit a short sample to qualify for their writing assignments. It is a short article and should not take you long to write it. However, they expect high-quality standards. Since the rating affects the amount you are paid per assignment, you should create a top-notch piece. To get a high rating use impeccable grammar, triple check your spelling, and pay attention to word flow. Use tools like Grammarly, CapitaliseMyTitle, and Copyscape.

After submitting the sample, TextBroker requests five days for reviewing the sample and rating. However, you should not worry about them taking that long. In fact, in less than 48 hours, you will have a response with a rating for your test article. With a base rating, you need to set up your profile and start working.

Your Profile

As TextBroker reviews your sample and goes through your documents, take time to set up a profile on the platform. The site allows you to create a detailed profile. While some may think it is too much information, it helps you get better jobs. Clients can offer you direct orders based on the information on your profile.

You can upload your resume on the site. However, you must exclude any contact information. You can also give details on your level of education, experience, and your writing speciality. Usually, they have multiple questions for you to answer. Once you are done, make sure you save your responses. If you have additional unpublished samples, add them to your profile.

Do not forget to set your price direct orders. While the default price will be based on your rating, you can change the price and TextBroker will not have an issue. However, your pricing should be fair. Setting it high may scare away potential clients.

Understanding the Job Board

The dashboard is simple to navigate and will not give you any trouble. Once you click the assignment page, you can find all the orders available. These are the open orders posted by various clients. The search box will come in handy in finding work faster. However, remember you can only select an assignment depending on your rating. Therefore, if you have a three-star rating, you can choose orders from level three and two. There are several types of articles, ranging from blog posts, product review, sales copies, and press releases. You can also write for any niche you want.

Once you find an exciting assignment, click on it. Here you will find the specific requirements of the order, including the word count, target keywords, writing style, and any instruction the client avails. The best part is once you click on the assignment, it becomes temporarily unavailable to the rest of the authors. However, you have a couple of minutes to decide whether you will work on it. If you do not want to work on the order, it will go back to the pool of orders.

You have a minimum of 24 hours for every order you choose to write. This gives you adequate time to write a top-notch piece that will increase your rating.

Direct Orders

Clients who love your work will come back with more articles. The individual orders will not appear in the assignments pool. When a client sends you a direct request, you will get an email notification, and you can start working on the project. Direct orders require high-quality content to maintain repeat clients. Remember, you are also setting the price, so you need to capitalise on this opportunity to get a good amount of cash. You are free to set different rates for every client. You can also negotiate the prices with the client through messaging on the platform.

Group Assignments

TextBroker has various teams based on niches. Therefore, you can apply to be part of the team if you are a level 4 or 5 writers. Once you are a member, you get a portion of the work sent by a client. The quality standards are high, and you need to meet the expectations before you join the team. Working in a team gives you numerous privileges; your pay is at the same rate as established writers in the team. Groups also have access to great clients. Team writing also has its downsides, with work being divided equally; you may not make good money compared to direct orders.

Limitations of using TextBroker

TextBroker is a great site to work with, but that does not mean it lacks faults. You can only pick one article from the assignment pool at a time. You cannot select another order until you finish the first one. This can limit the number of articles you can do. Besides, someone will likely pick a job you wanted to write while you are working on another one. However, if you have direct orders and team orders, this will not be an issue. On the platform, you are a ghost-writer. Therefore, you give up all the rights to the article you wrote. You also need to maintain your righting standards to avoid demotion to a lower level.

Working on the Orders

Once you choose an order to write, you get a box to draft the article. However, the platform does not save your work, so if you experience a network glitch your work is gone. Therefore, it is better to write your article offline or on Google docs to be safe. When you are done writing, paste the content on the text box and click submit.

After submission, you wait for the client’s feedback as you work on another order. Sometimes the editors also send it back for revision. Article rejection also happens, but that should not stop you. However, you should learn to pick topics you can handle.


TextBroker reviews the articles you submit before forwarding it to the client. Usually, a client has a few days to request for revision before accepting the order. The communication between the author, editor, and the client makes the process smooth and stress-free. When a client sends back an article for revision, the writer has a right to cancel the order. The job will then be available to other writers. After the editing process, TextBroker pays for the content that has been approved by the client.

How Rating Works

Since TextBroker pays the writers depending on their level, it is crucial to understand how rating works. Remember, the test article and every order you do get a score. Therefore, if your base rating was level three, you can move to level four by writing high-quality content. However, you have to maintain excellent quality. Otherwise, you risk demotion to a lower level. The price per word increases as you move up the levels with the least pay per word being at level two. Level five, being the highest rating requires top-notch quality. Writers may also have to do a complex proofing test to qualify for level five.

Getting Paid

In the past TextBroker had a bi-monthly payment plan, but nowadays writers receive their money every week. Receiving your payment is as simple as clicking the pay-out tab. As long as you have the minimum pay-out amount in your account, you can request for payment. The best part is that TextBroker takes care of the transaction charges.

Working for TextBroker has several benefits. It is a great place to improve your writing skills and make good cash. Their site is also user-friendly and easy to navigate, not to mention their reliable payment system. Most of the negative TextBroker reviews are related to low rates. However, you can find many TextBroker alternatives, including Copify and Scripted. These platforms pay more, but they have high standards.

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