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We pride ourselves in providing fast and reliable services to our clients. Our team of writers is dedicated to providing timely content without compromising on quality. When a writer takes your order, they have 24 hours to complete the job. However, if you want it done in a short time, you specify the time available to finish the job.

Yes. We will require you to give a topic or a keyword you want your content to revolve around. We also recommend that you specify the keywords and their frequency. Attaching additional instructions on the word count and your expectations will make it easier for the author to tailor the article to fit your needs. The more detailed the instructions, the better the article.

Our quality assurance team use plagiarism checkers to ensure the content is 100% original. No article is submitted to the client before passing through a plagiarism checker. We also have a strict policy against copied work and our writers are aware that if they present unoriginal content, their account will be suspended or closed.

Yes. Once a writer completes an order, we will forward the work to you. You will have an opportunity to review the article and give feedback or request for revision. The review time is limited to ensure writers get paid on time. Therefore, if you don’t provide feedback in 72 hours, we will assume that you are satisfied with the service.

Yes. You can browse through our writers’ profiles, and once you find one you would like to work with, then you can contact them. As long as the person accepts to write your article. You can select an author based on their experience or area of specialisation.

Your job can be available to everyone, or you can select the writer experience you want. We have different levels of writers according to their expertise. If you want your job handled by professionals you make it available to professional writers only.

The rates depend on the length and complexity of the article. But the price is affordable. You can pay per word or project.

We expect our clients to pay at least some deposit before the writer can work on your content. The deposit is to build trust and assure the writer gets their remuneration. Don’t worry the money is not released to the author until the job is complete and has undergone approval. If you reject the article, you will get back your money.

It may take a few minutes or hours. Job acceptance depends on various factors. The amount you are willing to pay, your instructions and the number of jobs available for selection. Usually, we set a standard rate for an article, but you can offer to pay more. It increases the chances of your order being picked faster. Instructions also matter if your brief is vague and unclear a writer may not be sure of what you want. For faster acceptance of the article ensure the guidelines are specific and straightforward.

If you don’t like the content, you are free to reject. The material should satisfy your needs, and if it doesn’t meet your expectations, you reject it and give your reasons.

Our writers are aware of the need to adhere to time. However, if there is a delay, we will take appropriate measures against the writer. Your work will be reposted for another writer to do.

No. As soon as the writer submits the article the ownership shifts to you. There is no need to acknowledge the writer once you have paid for the content.

There is a messaging system on our platform which enables you to contact writers. The writers may also message you if they wish to ask questions or seek clarification. We request that you communicate only through our channels for easy follow up in case of a misunderstanding. We have a policy against reaching out to our writers outside the account.

Our support system is available 24/7 for inquiries. We would love to hear your suggestions on areas of improvement.