Top 10 Online Business Trends to Look Out for in 2019

Businesses seem to be flourishing, and there are no signs of them slowing down soon. The reason for the boom is the use of a digital platform in running most of the business functions, including marketing and selling their products and services. Therefore, if your business does not have an online platform, you are losing half of your customers. It is essential for every company to establish an online presence and launch a digital platform across various social media channels. However, you need top-notch content to attract an audience’s attention. Therefore, an Article writing service provider can come in handy when you are building the authority of your site.

However, online business is dynamic, and industries have to come up with better ways to get the attention of a customer. This has led to new ways of analysing visitor’s information and reaching the customer. The trends have contributed to substantial growth and changes in the methods of conducting online business. You should keep an eye on the following ten trends in online business in 2019.

Voice Search

Voice search is rising in popularity at an alarming rate. Comscore predicts that by 2020, the majority of search queries will be through voice commands. This is not surprising since many people prefer vocal communication in their human interactions. Therefore, it is only natural for them to want to use it with their devices. The two types of voice search include:

  • Those that utilise smart speakers to give customers immediate answer to their queries. Common examples include Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Apple Homepod. Businesses can create an Alexa skill, which reaches people using those voice assistant devices.
  • Those that display written answers for queries asked using voice commands. The applications are found in computers and smartphones. A good example is Google assistant, which works by providing solutions to a customer’s question and offer virtual assistance.

Every business should find a way to deliver their services using voice-enabled technology. They should also focus on voice engine optimisation if they wish to remain relevant. Voice engine optimisation requires the use of natural language to rank high in the search engines. They should think of how a person will frame their question when giving a voice command. Voice strategy also requires content optimisation to include long-tail keywords. When people are using voice search, they are likely to be more specific in their query. 

Mobile Optimisation

Many people are ditching their desktops and using their smartphones to surf. We expect this trend to continue due to the need for information on the go. Websites need to optimise their website for mobile to avoid losing customers. In addition, you should simplify mobile payments for a more comfortable purchase of products.

Marketers can also utilise smartphones to create micro-moments.  A micro-moment is essentially when a customer wants something at a particular time and will focus on brands that fulfil their needs. Micro-moments must be attention grabbing and offer a quick solution to customers. Therefore, if a customer searches for a store online, marketers utilise that micro-moment to advertise. For instance, they can display stores around the location of a customer.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is here to stay, and soon, it will be a standard technology for every business. However, what does it help you achieve? AI gathers massive amounts of data and uses it to solve problems or predict future consumer behaviours. Data collected by Artificial Intelligence systems are also useful in marketing.

Apart from its role in generating content for various websites, AI is a useful advertising tool. Marketers use it to reach a broader audience. In customer service, many companies have Artificial intelligence systems that answer customer question and provide help. Today’s consumer is complex and unpredictable. Therefore, marketers need to anticipate their patterns to come up with personalised content. AI can also come in handy in predicting consumer patterns. Data analysis using Artificial Intelligence is the highlight of online business trends.

Article Writing Services: Use of Content Writing Services

Despite the existence of artificial intelligence software that can create large volumes of content, article writing service provider will never become obsolete. The reason for this is the need for high-quality content that is relatable. An audience will come back to your site if you utilise storytelling in your content. Many businesses need content for their digital marketing campaigns but do not have the time to create it. The advantage of hiring article writers in the UK is that they can write top-notch content for your target audience. General content is suitable for your website, but targeted content will boost your ranking and generate leads. The best part is that article writers in the US can work remotely; therefore; you can save some cash on salaries and allowances. Content writers offer the following services:

  • Keyword research
  • Building a buyer persona
  • Writing articles
  • Email marketing
  • Creating blog posts
  • Scripting sales copies

Improved User Experience

Providing a great user experience is vital for the success of your business. Users will likely ditch your site if it does not provide seamless navigation. So how do you boost user experience in online business? Your website should be easy to navigate and guide your customer through the purchase journey. Adding calls to action provides a map for your customers. They will know where to find what they need. You also need a mobile responsive site and high-quality content. An active user interface builds a good relationship between the customers and the website, leading to brand loyalty.

Article Writing Services: Personalisation

Every customer is unique and needs a relatable scenario to take action. Therefore, customisation is critical for online businesses to make sales. Delivering personalised content is a daunting task. Besides, you cannot know for sure what your audience wants to read about. However, using data collected from visitors to your site, you can come up with great ideas. The first step in personalising is studying your target audience. What do they like to read? What information are they seeking? When you understand your audience, you can deliver high-quality content that solves their problems. Personalisation is not for your web pages and blogs only; you should also send customised emails, social media messages, and push notifications to generate conversions.

Use of Video

Cisco predicts an increase in video traffic to 82% by 2020, in consumer internet. Businesses and individuals are creating videos to aid in digital marketing. Most of the videos are on YouTube or Instagram. However, companies are uploading videos on all social media channels. Video marketing is famous for its effectiveness in conveying information. Besides, the customer gets a real experience of how your product works. The hang-up of video marketing is the production stage. Recording an impressive video is no easy feat. You want your video quality to be professional. However, people do not pay much attention to professional quality on YouTube. They only want a video that tells a story, gives useful information, and is entertaining. Therefore, with the necessary recording tools, you can create a killer video clip. The types of compelling marketing videos include product walkthroughs, testimonials, how-to videos, webinars, and influencer interviews.

Multi-Channel Selling and Marketing

Businesses can no longer rely on one marketing channel to get customers. If you want to increase your profits, make your products or services available in all online platforms. It is not enough to focus on Facebook only, while it can reach a broad audience, diversification will yield better results. Managing sales on various channels can be overwhelming, but if you can find a team to work with, it will boost your revenue.

With personalisation being vital in online business, you should also personalise your interactions with customers across all platforms. Offer the best user experience and build your brand image in all channels. Therefore, to deliver exceptional services, you need to utilise Omni-channel personalisation, high-quality content, and quick response service.


Chatbots are gaining popularity due to the natural way they interact with people. Many businesses are using the software to chat with their customers. Although most interactions are through a messaging window, verbal communication is a possibility. It is perfect for taking orders, marketing, and customer service. If you cater to buyers who prefer simplicity and speed, chatbots will put you ahead of the competition. The software also makes it easy to handle customer complaints. When used alongside artificial intelligence, its effectiveness in providing custom-made services is legendary.

Augmented Reality

In an attempt to make a static environment livelier, businesses are adopting software that would offer reality to the customer. Augmented reality ads are becoming a new trend used by marketers to advertise their products. It gives insight to a customer on how it would feel like to use their product. Virtual reality has also been successful in building brand awareness. Major companies are adopting new technology in their marketing campaigns. Apart from its benefits in marketing, augmented reality has shown remarkable success in organisational functions like employee training.

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