Top 5 Textbroker Alternatives for Your Article Writing Service Needs

Outsourcing of content creation services is the norm for many companies and bloggers. The rise in demand for article writing services is due to the need for professional services. Besides, content creation companies save a lot of time and produce high-quality content. Search engines demand top-notch content to allow ranking. Therefore, companies require the service of talented writers to improve their ranking and generate traffic.

Content creation companies do a lot more than craft a compelling article. They conduct research, optimise the content for SEO, editing, and publishing. The typical SEO services they provide include keyword research, building links, and on-page SEO.

TextBroker is a famous content writing company, which relies on freelancers to generate high-quality content for their clients. It is well known for its competitive pricing and top-notch content. The best part about using TextBroker is the availability of a variety of writers to choose from. Besides, you can utilise the self-service option if you want to handpick a content writer for your project. However, if you are busy, you can choose the managed service where your project will be the under supervision of the company.

Their pricing system depends on the level of the writer and whether it is a managed or it is a self-service option. On average, you can expect to pay around € 65 for a 1000 word article written by a top-rated writer.

The competitive pricing and rating of the writers do not always guarantee the best quality. Therefore, you may need to review and edit the content thoroughly before you hit publish. That does not mean you should give up on outsourcing content. Several alternative article writing service providers have competent writers and can produce top-notch content suitable for your needs. Here are the top five writing services, which you can utilise instead of TextBroker. Read on to find out what the greener pastures have to offer.

1.   GiantArticles

At GiantArticles, we understand the value of high-quality content in content marketing. Therefore, we create and distribute top-notch quality to all our clients. Apart from article writing, we offer copywriting services. Therefore, whether you need white papers, web content, or blog posts, our expert writers will deliver beyond your expectations.

The large pool of talented writers’ enables us to create content for several industries. Our writers have a knack for capturing any company’s voice and emulating their style. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the quality of the content. They will research your audience and create compelling pieces that will keep the audience engaged.

When it comes to pricing, our prices are competitive, but you will get value for your money. Our pricing policy depends on the services you require. Therefore, lengthy content from 1500-3000 words will cost you more in comparison to short pieces of 500 words. While the shorter 500-word pieces are excellent for social media marketing, search engines favour long-form content. Whether you want long or short articles, we create informative and engaging content that will keep your readers coming back for more.

Apart from creating diverse content, we adhere to Search Engine Optimisation requirements to increase the visibility of our clients’ websites. Our SEO practices include:

  • Keyword research- targeting relevant keywords is our priority when writing articles. Therefore, we conduct research and find out the right keyword density required for ranking.
  • Images- readers often scan through the article and one of the effective ways to ensure the content is scannable is the addition of pictures. High-quality photos and infographics are easy to understand.
  • Link building- the addition of relevant links is vital in increasing the visibility of a website. Therefore, we link to high authority sources that will boost your rankings.

Our writers craft content with search engines in mind. Besides, if you are not satisfied with the article, you can send it back for revision without any additional cost. We ensure you get your content on time without compromising on quality.

2.   Copify

Copify is a content writing agency that offers high-quality content writing services. They will match your content requirements with most talented writers. The rigorous selection process is an assurance that only the best crop of writers will work on your articles. A team of editors proofreads the pieces before the client receives them. Therefore, clients receive ready to publish content.

Copify offers various content writing services, including:

  • Blog writing
  • Web content for landing pages
  • White papers for marketing campaigns including email copies and ad copies
  • Press releases

Ordering content on the platform is a simple procedure. You need to choose your content format and give instructions. You can include the essential keywords or request the writer to do keyword research. After posting the order, you will have your content in 48 hours. This is a short time in comparison to most writing agencies.

Who writes your content? Copify writers are native English speakers and undergo serious vetting to ensure quality. With the level of expertise of the writers, you can expect professional content that will help you achieve your marketing goals. The top-notch content does not come cheaply, but it will be worth every penny. Copify’s price their articles based on the word count and whether they are standard or professional pieces. Therefore, you will pay £0.03 per word for a standard copy and additional £0.02 for an expert article.

The downside of using Copify is that they do not pay much attention to SEO. Possibly, because they mostly deal with white papers, product descriptions, and web copies. So, if you want lengthy content with SEO optimisation, look elsewhere. It is also challenging to maintain the same writer for all your articles.

3.   Iwriter

Iwriter has a large pool of writers and the shortest turnaround. After requesting an article, you can get within a few hours. To place your order you need to set up an account, and request for an article. Accompany the order with brief instructions, the keywords, and the word count. Upon completion of the order, the writer will send the job to your account for review. You can request revisions or reject the article if it does not meet your expectations.

The writers are classified into four groups, with the lowest level being standard and the highest rated are Elite plus writers. With an estimate of 31,000 writers, you do not expect top-notch quality from all the writers. Some are just starting and do not have SEO expertise. However, you can send your content orders to Elite level writers only. If you are lucky to find an excellent writer, you can retain them by adding them to your favourite list.

Iwriter is perfect for businesses who do not rely on content for their marketing needs. The prices are relatively low, but in this case, it also translates to quality. For three dollars, you can get a 500-word piece at standard level but the price triples on Elite level.

4.   Constant Content

Constant-Content is a platform, which connects companies to freelance writers. On the platform, you can get content instantly by buying articles from the thousands on the website. Constant-Content does not hire writers to create content. Instead, they offer a place for the writers to sell the articles. Writers retain the right to set their price for the content they are selling. Therefore, if you need large quantities of content, this site will come in handy.

Navigating the website is easy. You search your target keyword and scan through the available articles. If you find a fantastic piece, click on it for purchase details. The price of the article determines the rights you will have on the content. They include:

  • Usage rights- it grants the buyer the right to use the content the way it is. It has low pricing.
  • Unique rights- you only get limited rights, and you can only make a few alterations.
  • Full rights- the seller transfers ownership and you can change the article as you wish.

Constant-Content is ideal for anyone who requires compelling content but does not have time to create it.

5.   Upwork

Upwork is a platform where freelancers and businesses or clients can interact. Clients post orders and the writers send proposals and the asking price. The client is free to conduct interviews and vet the writers before hiring. Upwork only provides a platform for communication, file sharing, and safe payment. Therefore, determining the level of expertise of a writer depends on the client and their requirements.

Upwork houses thousands of writers. Therefore, you can get a variety of writing styles and services. Some of the services available include:

  • Copywriting
  • Blogging
  • Technical writing
  • Writing E-books
  • Proofreading

If you want already vetted freelancers, you can upgrade your account to Upwork Pro. Upwork enterprises also offer many custom services to cater for your content needs. The pricing system is on an hourly basis with ranging from $30 to $150 per hour. The platform is a goldmine for companies with regular content needs and requires a reliable writer.

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