TextBroker Review: Is It a Legit Way of Outsourcing Content?

TextBroker is a content platform, which connects clients to writers. You can hire writers to work on your content, or you can be paid to create content. Starting your writing career is no walk in the park. Some writing sites are frauds or pay meagre rates. However, content sites like TextBroker make it easier to get started. Clients, who also have trouble creating content or finding writers benefit from this content market place. While there are several TextBroker alternatives, you can still leverage TextBroker for high-quality content. Read this TextBroker review for insights on how you can use the platform.

What Is TextBroker?

TextBroker is a content site that acts as an intermediary to connect clients and freelance writers. The writers collaborate with clients on creative writing project ideas, including web copies, articles, blog posts, press releases, sales copies, and product descriptions.

So, is TextBroker legit? Yes, many small and large corporations are using it to outsource content. Therefore, it is safe to use. Whether you should use it to generate content is up to you. The platform allows you to find experts writer in your niche. Therefore, you are assured of high-quality articles.

TextBroker is continually improving their service to ensure both clients and authors have the best experience on the platform.

Writing Opportunities

While this TextBroker review focuses on outsourcing content, TextBroker also provides an opportunity for writers to make money.

If you are a content writer looking for writing jobs, TextBroker is a great site to begin your writing journey. All you need to do is signup as a writer for free. After completing your profile and the test article, you are set to go.

Your initial rating will be based on the test article. The score will also determine the jobs you can access on the platform. Positive feedback from clients improves your rating and payments. If you maintain high-quality, clients can hire you for special orders, which attract high rates.

Outsourcing Content

Every business needs content for its digital marketing campaign. With the volumes of content required, it is impossible to write the articles yourself. While an in-house team can handle your content needs, the quantity of content needed can overwhelm them. Outsourcing ensures you get the content you need at the right time without spending a fortune.

TextBroker offers you an opportunity to buy content at affordable rates. You can use a self-service option or managed service to order content. In the self-service option, you can choose an open order, direct order, or team order. If you select the open order option, your job order will be available to all the writers on the platform.

The direct order option allows you to work with your favourite authors. The order will only be available to the writers you choose. Direct orders are excellent for creative writing project ideas and maintaining quality. However, when you are outsourcing for the first time, you should start with open orders. When ordering large volumes of content, it is easier to manage the content using a team of writers. You can handpick a team to work with and set the price.

Managed services are suitable for large companies who want to hand over full control of their content needs to TextBroker.

When ordering content, give detailed instructions alongside the order form. Ensure the writer understands your expectations. With clear instructions on what you need, you will get high-quality content.

The ratings of the writers also affect the quality of the work. TextBroker usually rates writers from 2 to 5 stars. The higher the score, the better the quality, therefore do not settle for low rates. You will be compromising on quality. Apart from the instructions, ensure you include your SEO requirements, including the keywords and the density.

Buying content on TextBroker is a simple process. Choose the order type, add instructions, and set the deadline.


The open orders can are in English language only. However, you can also order content in other languages. You need to find an author who speaks your preferred language and place a direct order.

If you use managed services option in TextBroker, you get access to content in 36 languages. TextBroker will handpick native speakers of your preferred language to work on content. Besides, they also offer translation services between various combinations of languages.


Many TextBroker reviews categorise TextBroker rates as cheap. However, the cost depends on several factors. Besides, if you choose to go for managed services, the price will skyrocket.

Pricing in TextBroker depends on ratings for open orders. The writer sets the price of direct orders, but it usually starts at 2.4 cents/per word. Low ratings may be affordable, but is it worth it to compromise the quality?

In addition to writing rates, you need to pay a processing fee for every order you post on the platform. Before placing an order, use the TextBroker calculator to check on the cost of the project.

Is TextBroker Legit?

You will find several TextBroker reviews online on people’s experiences on the platform.  TextBroker is safe to use. However, the choice to use it depends on your budget and content needs. TextBroker offers several content options. Therefore, if you match your order with the right author, you will get your money’s worth.

When looking for writers, level 4 and 5, the authors will guarantee high-quality content. If your budget is significant, you should consider the managed service. The quality is excellent, but you have to be willing to spend money.

You can start with small projects in open orders and pick your favourite writers to get the same level of quality.

TextBroker Review Summary

TextBroker is an excellent content market place, but it is not everyone’s piece of cake. On one side, it is free to join, fast and affordable way to outsource content. However, high-quality will cost you more. You also need to choose your writers carefully and ensure they understand your expectations. However, if it is not for you, there are many TextBroker alternatives.

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