Top 4 WriterAccess Alternatives for Article Writing Services

Marketing has come a long way from posting advertisements in newspapers to using billboards. Nowadays, the most effective form of marketing is using the internet. With the existence of social media pages, businesses can reach massive audiences. Marketing is not the only thing that evolved. Consumers are constantly changing. Therefore, if you do not offer what they want, they will find it elsewhere. Companies can communicate with their audience using social media platforms or through the business website.

With high-quality content, businesses can provide useful information to consumers. They can guide customers on how to interact with the company’s products. Moreover, the website owner benefits from the content. Research indicates that a website with blogs gets more traffic compared to those without. With content marketing gaining popularity, demand for content is on the rise. This has led to the birth of many article writing services.

WriterAccess is a content creation platform with an unlimited supply of freelance writers. Whether you need content for your blog, social media campaign, and technical papers, you will find all under one roof. The platform also offers resources that boost your marketing strategy. Some of the tools include a content planner, keyword optimisation, content analytics, and persona builder. WriterAccess allows you to find elite level writers whose skills can drive organic traffic to your website. Despite the fantastic services offered by WriterAccess, it is prudent to check out other content providers and see the value they can add to your organisation. Here are the top four WriterAccess alternatives worth considering.

1.   GiantArticles

Not every content generates traffic. That is why at GiantArticles we create engaging and shareable content for your audience. Our writers conduct in-depth research to understand your customers and find a way to communicate with them. They are experts in studying the consumers and creating a buyer persona. With the persona, they can craft relatable content that drives traffic to your website.

We also understand the need for visibility of your website to search engines. Therefore, every content we craft is optimised for high rankings. Our expert writers utilise SEO techniques like targeting keywords, link building, and creation of top-notch content. If you need images for your content, we can include high-quality photos. We value our clients and adhere to the deadlines set. We also have a quick turnaround time, and the writing editing and review will be completed within a week. However, duration may vary depending on the length of the article.

Apart from copywriting services, we also write a blog post, social media copies, and articles. You are free to select the services you need from our platform. Our prices are on a per word basis. Therefore, once you enter the length of the article, you will get a quote. We also carry out website audits for our clients and manage their content marketing.

2.   Express Writers

Instead of clients registering for an account, they have to request one through an online form. With the account, they have access to numerous services on the platform. Apart from the article writing services, they manage content marketing for their clients. In addition, they offer full support in your content marketing strategy and SEO research.

To utilise their services, go to their Content Shop and load the services you need to your online cart. After checking out or paying the fee, they create the content. However, you need to provide instructions for your project before they assign a writer to work on it. The in-house editing services ensure they deliver polished articles to their clients. There is a 14 days review window with a limit of two revisions before approval. With three content levels, general, expert, and authority, they ensure that the quality you get is in-line with your business goals.

They engage their writers via social media and stay on top of the trends in the content marketing industry. Express writers is suitable for companies in need of tailored services for their marketing needs.

3.   Crowd Content

Crowd Content is a content market place that matches writers to clients. Placing an order is fast and straightforward, and once they have a clear picture of what you want, they assign a freelance writer to work on the project. With a turnaround of less than a day, it is worth the money you cough up for their expertise.

How do they ensure quality? Every article gets a quality score, and the least performing writers get a demotion. The highest-rated writers are promoted, which motivates them to maintain high-quality standards. The price depends on the level of the writer and the type of content you require. Social media posts and product descriptions are costly in comparison to articles, blog posts, and white papers. Entry-level writers have different rates, unlike the expert writers, whose price is high. Price flexibility allows the agency to cater to different budgets.

4.   Scripted

With an account on Scripted, you gain access to plenty of experts in different fields. The platform charges monthly with the first month being free. You can add writers from our pool of freelancers to your team. Whenever you want a task completed, create a project, and include a short description. The job will be open to all the freelancers on the platform. However, if you would like a specific writer to work on your content, configure it as invite-only.

If the job is open to all freelancers, you will get several proposals to vet. After handpicking a writer for the project, they will start working on your project and submit the work for review. Scripted have blog ideas which allow freelancers to suggest topic ideas to their clients and how they can tailor the post to suit their website.

Content marketing is becoming competitive. Therefore, businesses need to stay on top of their game in terms of providing valuable content. Shoving adverts down the consumers’ throats does not work anymore. However, offering value not only establishes trust and credibility, but it also generates more leads. With the many content creation agencies, it is just a matter of matching their skills with your marketing goals.

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